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The gluteal lipotransfer, which uses the fat extracted from the patient in liposuction, which is then injected into the tail. It is a worldwide trend to perform liposuctions associated with gluteal liposuction.

The gluteal area is a very important body part in men and women. One of the great advantages of fat injection in the tail is that it does not need prostheses, implants, and at the same time it allows it to give a round shape to the tail, and increase the volume of the buttocks, shape the contour of the body, improving the symmetry between the hips and the tail, in addition to enhancing the waist.

What Is Gluteal Augmentation With Lipotransfer Or Gluteal Lipoinjection Or Buttock Augmentation?

Gluteal Lipoinjection is a technique that offers natural aesthetic results through the fatty tissue of the same patient (man or woman). The great advantage of this technique is that it gives volume and shape to the buttock. The patient is required to have abundant fat to extract.Decreases the risk of rejections, capsules or asymmetries, as can occur when using prostheses.

Currently the technique that the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández performs the most is Lipoinjection by subcutaneous route since it is very safe, in addition growth factors are extracted from the same patient and administered with Lipoinjection to improve fat survival. This allows between 60% to 80% of the volume to be integrated. The Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández lipoinjects fat safely between 300 and 600 milliliters.

gluteal lipoinjection colombia

Who Can Be Operated On?

All women between 18 to 50 years old who generally want to undergo liposuction and take advantage of the extracted fat to lipoinject can be operated on. They are women who need to recover their bodies that they had during their youth. There are also those women or men who want glutes with better volume and bigger,

Advantages Of Lipotransference Compared To Other Surgeries?

Its main advantage is that autologous tissue is used, that is, the patient’s own, and no chemicals or silicone implants are incorporated. In addition, Lipoinjection is a facial technique, the pain is short-lived, although its complications are infrequent, if one occurs it can be fatal. There are few cases described due to death due to Lipoinjection, almost always due to a bad technique. The Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon César Fernández performs a subcutaneous technique that is safer than intramuscular.

After a period of 1 month to 6 weeks, the result will be more noticeable and you will feel normal.

The Explanation Of The Integration Of Lipoinjected Fat Tissue.

Adipose tissue contains fat cells for tissue engineering and regenerative therapies. Adipose tissue, more than a simple organic support, is a complex and dynamic tissue that involves various physiological and pathological processes, it is not only an organ that stores energy, it is also an endocrine organ, which produces hormones such as leptin and adiponectin, that regulate homeostasis. It is made up of adipocytes, ASC, vascular cells, pericytes, fibroblasts, macrophages, lymphocytes, and connective tissue. The fat cell is called the adipocyte, it measures between 50 and 150 micrometers and lives approximately 10 years in the human species. Stem cells derived from adipose stromal tissue (ASC) are located around blood vessels, respond to ischemia (lack of blood supply) by releasing vascular growth factor VCF, and differentiate into adipocytes and endothelial cells.

After the fat is injected into the buttock, the cells are absent for vascular irrigation and nourished by plasma diffusion of the buttock tissue for a few days until revascularization. This causes the death of many fat cells in the first 24 hours and the release of multiple factors from both dead tissue and receptor tissue. The tissue infiltrates inflammatory cells, and after 72 hours the cells derived from adipose tissue become activated and try to repair the injury by ischemia. The boundary between the regeneration zone and the necrosis zone occurs between 2 and 4 weeks.Therefore, the graft can maintain its shape and volume in the first 4 weeks, although necrosis still exists. Regeneration is fully completed after 3 months.

Preoperative Gluteal Augmentation Or Gluteoplasty

  • A study with complete analysis, glycemia, partial urine, blood count, (hepatitis / AIDS) and electrocardiogram is performed.
  • When the patient is over 40, a chest X-ray, creatinine, BUN is also required.
  • Days before surgery, the patient should bathe with soap and water, as is normally done. The perianal and gluteal region should be washed every day.
  • During the day before surgery, it is recommended to wash from the neck to the feet with Isodine including the gluteal area, then it must be rinsed with plenty of water. Wear different clean clothes every day.
  • Avoid using aspirin or other salicylates two weeks before Lipoinjection and two weeks after the buttock augmentation procedure. This will reduce the chances of excessive bleeding.

Postoperative Of The Buttock Augmentation

  • In the hospital and at home, the patient must rest or sleep in the position he wants, it can be on his back or on his side.
  • We do not leave drains in the buttocks.
  • Depending on the bleeding and the surgical time, it will be determined if it requires a day of hospitalization. Most patients remain 12 hours under observation and go home the next day.
  • Once at home, the patient can walk inside the house, sit, shower, and even normally sit on the toilet, although it is very important to avoid wetting the scar. Every time you go to the toilet you should wash with soap and water, in addition to applying an antiseptic such as alcohol or iodine on the wound.
  • You can drive after 10 days and start exercises from the month. The results are remarkable and satisfactory from the first day of surgery.
  • If any drainage is left, it will be removed on the first or third day after surgery, depending on the degree of bleeding.
  • The stitches are removed around 7 days. Antiallergic tape should be used on scars for 21 days.
  • The girdle should be worn for at least 2 months, in case of abundant edema it can be removed on the first to fifth day. But it is preferable to always have it on.
  • The following symptoms are normal after a buttock augmentation or gluteoplasty.
  • Pain that can last up to 7 days.
  • Bleeding or discharge that should decrease in the first week.
  • Edema that will increase in the first week and then decrease progressively until the third month.

What Are The Risks Or Complications Of Gluteal Lipoinjection.

  • That there is asymmetry of the buttocks. A glute with greater volume than another.
  • Skin and soft tissue infection.
  • Fat necrosis.
  • Loss of graft volume.
  • Necrosis of the skin.
  • The least frequent but most fatal complication is fatty microembolism and fatty macroembolism.In severe cases, death.

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